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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my ab tests?

If you have only purchased the test, within 48 hours you will receive the code to be implemneted in your ab test tool.

If you have purchased the test and the implementation of the test on your repective ab testing tool we will schedule a call within 48 hours so that we can either walk you through the implementation or so that you can provide us with temporary access so that we can implement the code on your respective ab test tool.

Can the AB tests be implemented on SPA websites?

Yes, the ab-tests can be implemented on Single Page Application(SPA) websites. But the price for implementation on SPA websotes are different than for none SPA websites.

In what ab test tools can the ab tests be implemented?

The Ab tests should be possible to be implemented in all ab testing tools (SiteSpect, AB Tasty, VWO, Optimizely...), and in both client side and server side way.

Can my purchase be refunded?

Due to the fact that this is a downloaded/ digital product, no refund is offered!